Once again this year, thanks to the collaboration of all the Districts and Regions, it has been possible to draw up new statistics on Lasallian presence in the world.

Beyond numbers, statistics and percentages, however, the Lasallian reality is made up of men and women who daily give their contribution, of passion, mission in the field and youthful enthusiasm.

La Salle is active in 79 countries, with 3,116 Brothers involved. There are 1,125 educational works with 1,066,395 students who are guaranteed education and support, especially in the most fragile areas where the Lasallian Mission is present.

There are 103,003 lay Collaborators, with a clear predominance of women. In addition, there is a smaller but important percentage (0.44%) of men and women religious from different Congregations, as well as priests, who support and collaborate with the Lasallian Mission.

La Salle in the world counts on a worldwide network of more than 50 Non-Profit Organizations and Associations that are involved in community development and international cooperation, especially in the educational field, that is, they help the most fragile realities of our Institute to remove the obstacles that prevent children from going to school and young people from being formed for their future.

Thanks to this network of organisations, it has been possible to build new educational centres, and to extend and improve the facilities and educational offerings of those that already exist. Dormitories, canteens, systems to provide drinking water and clean energy (such as solar panels). And also projects to finance scholarships, vocational training centres and specific programmes for the inclusion and protection of women and girls, students with disabilities and vulnerable groups.

La Salle volunteering can also count on the same wealth of organisations and programmes at district level: there are over 18,000 volunteers involved in local and international projects.

The programme of the Institute La Salle Volunteers Global  ( was conceived with the aim of supporting the coordination of these realities for the creation of new projects at international level.

La Salle Foundation ( is currently involved in 90 projects in 30 countries.

La Salle provides education from the age of 0 (kindergartens for children) to university and on-going education in various academic and work-related areas for adults.

It is difficult to list all the types of active educational works, in which the Gospel message is always present and which, considering the different time zones, are always open somewhere in the world.