Thirty-six (36) Brother formators from 20 Districts in the Institute attended the first in-person Centro Internazionale Lasalliano (CIL) program since before the pandemic. This program for formators was held on September 9-26, 2022, at the Formation Center in the Casa Generalizia in Rome, Italy. Three related online sessions were also held before the event. The virtual and face-to-face activities focused on enriching the formative efforts of the Brothers’ existing initial and ongoing formation programs. It also aimed at strengthening the identity and vocation of the formators. In addition, the delegates gained insights on safeguarding concerns in formation, acquired intercultural competencies and appreciation of cultural diversity, explored ways of integrating the Pilgrim’s Handbook with the current formation programs, and established a formal network of Brother formators in the Institute.

A line-up of formidable speakers accompanied the program’s delegates. They were composed of Br. Paco Chiva, Sr. Anna Damas, Br. Paulo Dullius, Mr. Joseph Gilson, Br. Santiago Mancini, Br. Chris PatiƱo, Mrs. Heather Ruple-Gilson, Rev. Fr. Barry Sullivan, and Br. George Van Grieken. One of the program’s highlights was the delegates’ encounter with the present members of the General Council.

The program was organized by the Institute’s Secretaries of Formation- Br. Rey Mejias, Br. Luis Bolivar, and Br. Sylvain Consimbo. The impact and implications of this program for Brothers’ formation in light of the Pilgrim’s Handbook will hopefully be lived out when the delegates return to their respective Districts, and it will ensure a more meaningful program that follows the framework developed in Lasallian Formation for Mission: A Pilgrim’s Handbook.