The real celebration is to receive a proper education

La Salle is present in 79 countries, with 1,125 ministries in action. More than 1 million students have access to education and get support, especially in the most fragile areas where the Lasallian Mission takes place.

Together with the Brothers engaged on the ground, there are more than 100,000 lay collaborators, among whom the presence of women is clearly higher.

Thanks to the work of all those involved in the difficult work of education in the world, the education that is offered to girls, especially in the most disadvantaged areas, transforms communities, countries and the whole world, strengthens economies, reduces inequality and contributes to a more resilient and stable nation that gives all individuals the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Unfortunately, in some countries it is not so easy for girls and young women to receive education: for example, in Pakistan the illiteracy rate is very high; about 32% of girls of primary school age do not get an education because they are forced into early marriages. In addition to educational disadvantage, girls and young women face poverty, child labour, discrimination, gender-based violence and mutilation on a daily basis.

In addition, female education is considered a burden for some families, who consider women to be fit only for childbearing or housework. This is compounded by a lack of transport and educational infrastructure.

Girls’ education is important because it develops the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to live and adapt to a changing world. It saves lives and builds stronger families. An educated female population increases the country’s productivity.

Shazia attends school at one of the Lasallian educational works in Faisalabad: “In my country, it is not always easy for a girl to continue her studies. I am lucky because I am part of the Lasallian Family, and I attend La Salle High School. Together with College Faisalabad, these schools encourage girls to be self-sufficient to face the challenges of the world. I hope that the opportunity for women to be educated will also expand beyond the Lasallian borders”.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, the wish is that there will be more and more Shazias in the world, happy to be educated, able to work, interact, overcome poverty and take part in social life.