The inauguration of La Salle ATEC School in Tangará da Serra, in the state of Mato Grosso, took place on 29 January. It is the newest educational community of La Salle Network which reinforces the commitment of the Lasallian Mission, inspired by our holy Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, to promote human and Christian education.

The event was attended by: Brothers Jorge Alexandre Bieluczyk, Silesio Follmann and Eucledes Casagrande; from the Management Team of La Salle Atec there were Robson da Costa, Lisa Crespo, Mirley Salomoni and Ederson Pelissari; members of the former institution maintaining the College, the Tangaerense Association of Education and Culture; Lasallian Partners and families were also present.


The ceremony began with the celebration of the Eucharist in the Main Church of the Parish of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, presided over by the Capuchin Fr Luciano de Souza Santos, followed by the inauguration ceremony, which took place in the premises of La Salle Atec. Fr Luciano blessed the premises of the institution.

The presentation to the guests by the La Salle Network consisted of a history of the Lasallian presence in the State of Mato Grosso. This was followed by various speeches from the Brothers, the Director of La Salle Atec, as well as from Adriana Rubim and Leandro Casagrande, President and Vice-President of the Associação Tangaerense de Ensino e Cultura (Tangarense Association of Education and Culture). Finally, a memorial plaque was unveiled to pay tribute to the Associação for 35 years of service to the Community of Tangará da Serra/MT.


The Atec school, managed by the Associação Tangaerense de Ensino e Cultura has been present in Tangará da Serra/MT since June 1985. In the year 2021, the institution has become the newest Educational Community of the La Salle Network, from now on “La Salle Atec”. With the commitment to educate children and young people, the educational proposal of Colegio La Salle Atec is connected to the world, linking the construction of knowledge with the principles of Lasallian Pedagogy, which is focused on the holistic, human and Christian education of the student. In addition to this, students will participate in extra-curricular activities and Lasallian pastoral activities, with a programme based on reflections and celebrations.

The Institution joins the presence of  La Salle Network in the state of Mato Grosso, which already has La Salle College and La Salle University Centre in Lucas de Rio Verde, and La Salle State School in Rondonópolis, an establishment which has an agreement with the La Salle Network.

This school has fully renovated spaces and a complete and safe infrastructure to welcome families. The school caters for pupils from kindergarten to Secondary Education.

Darwin Gonçalves Nascimento
Communication and Marketing