02 March 2022

Dear Brothers, Partners and all Members of the Lasallian Family,

Grant us, O Lord, we pray, That the course of our world May be directed by your peaceful rule….[1]

Let us pray that the spirit of peace and reconciliation inspires our prayer, our thoughts, and our behavior as together we begin our Lenten journey.  As women and men who proclaim Jesus Christ, we are called to be witnesses to fraternity and to build communities of mutual support and tolerance. Today more than ever we must be instruments of reconciliation and bearers of the bright light of Christian hope. We must work together with all people of good will to dispel the clouds of darkness and banish the winds of war.

I recall the Pope Francis’ words as the fury of war wreaks havoc in the Ukraine:

Lent is a favorable time to seek out – and not to avoid – those in need; to reach out – and not to ignore – those who need a sympathetic ear and a good word; to visit – and not to abandon – those who are lonely. Let us put into practice our call to do good to all, and take time to love the poor and needy, those abandoned and rejected, those discriminated against and marginalized.[2]

I invite all Lasallians to support “La Salle for Ukrainians” as a concrete way to reach out to our sisters and brothers who are seeking refuge from war.  Information about how to show our love and support accompanies this letter.

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, let us redouble our efforts to be builders of peace, witnesses to reconciliation and brightly shining beacons of hope.  Let us raise our voices, and in the words of Pope Paul VI, shout from the rooftops “No more war, war never again!”.


Brother Robert Schieler, FSC
Brother Superior

[1] Collect, Liturgy for Monday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time

[2] Pope Francis, Lenten Message 2022.