La Salle is not just about schools, buildings, exams and projects. At the heart of all that are the people: students, educators, families and all those who live their vocation “together and by Association”, in the Lasallian way: Brothers, Associate men and women, and all members of the Lasallian Family.

The Vocational Culture Team of the District ARLEP has developed a new website,, (We are La Salle) including many forms of contact, to show with simplicity what we are and what we want La Salle to be. Along with the more direct information, many Lasallian men and women from all over the world are sharing on the website and in the social networks their witness of life, their hopes and their dreams for the future.

We invite you to get to know this new vocational section and to follow it on the social networks: TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube, as well as to invite others to browse the section and discover their vocation with us, if they wish to do so. A WhatsApp and an email are also available for visitors in order to have a closer and more personalised communication.

The website will continue to be updated to show all the diversity of the Lasallian charism and vocation in all its forms – don’t miss it!