Very call for renewal includes a desire for personal renewal and, therefore, it is related to formation.
(Michel Sauvage)

The Secretariat for Formation is oriented to the needs of formation for the mission of all Lasallians. It tries to respond from a global perspective to the specific formation of the different target groups: vocation ministry, initial and continuing formation of the Brothers and the Sisters, retired Brothers, young Lasallians, volunteers, educators, leaders, administrative personnel, Signum Fidei, etc. The members of the Secretariat, Brothers and Partners, find diverse ways of listening to the needs from the grassroots and from those responsible at the District and Regional levels. They discern together the needs, foster effective responses and adapt their internal organization or structure to better respond to these needs. In accordance with the 2013 International Assembly, the members of the Secretariat want to become an international clearinghouse for Lasallian formation.

They will be attentive to communicate the ongoing experiences, knowledge and current reflections on formation. They will make available for all Lasallians the main resources for formation and they will foster an international network for formation. They respond to local, regional and Institute needs for implementation and coordination. This coordination optimizes human and financial resources and fosters solidarity to help and support sectors most in need.

The Secretariat serves mainly the Regions, and through them, the Districts and Sectors. It also fosters collaboration with other religious congregations in the same spirit of coordination, optimization and solidarity.


  1. To provide the support needed to foster:
    (a) a culture of accompaniment for all Lasallian groups;
    (b) the centrality of the vow of association in the Brothers’ formation and
    (c) the formation of the Brothers as catechists in the Regions and Districts.
  2. To collaborate with regional structures in order to plan programs:
    (a) to promote the Lasallian vocation;
    (b) to train formation personnel for the Lasallian mission;
    (c) to train formation personnel for the Brothers’ life;
    (d) to renew the life and the mission of the Brothers; and
    (e) to study and suggest better ways to optimize the human and material resources in order to ensure the quality of their formation plans.
  3. To foster structures and emerging networks for vocation ministry and lifelong formation in the Districts and Regions.