Br. Zohaib Gill
Director of St. Miguel House (Formation House)

Recently, seven new candidates were accepted into the Orientation Group at St. Miguel House Pakistan. These seven courageous young men will spend time in the Formation House discerning their vocation.

The ceremony was held in the Formation Chapel with the Brothers’ Community  preparing a special prayer service. Br Aloysius led a nice reflection on the theme

“like clay in the hands of the potter”.

The seven candidates were presented with a Holy Bible and Cross from Br. Sajid, and Br. Shahzad congratulated the candidates and encouraged them to grow in their spiritual journey of discernment and be more focused on their aim of bettering themselves.

Aspirant Zamran said, “The Formation House is an opportunity to deepen our faith. We all have regular classes facilitated by the Formation Staff and teachers from La Salle Urdu High School.  We are taught different subjects like Catechism, Lasallian Studies, Prayers, Spoken English and Computer Studies.  Every day brings new experiences and opportunities to learn. Besides the study sessions, we are also taught different skills which help to deepen our practical life, spiritual life and communal life. I am grateful to God for blessing me with this opportunity to learn about my faith and discern my vocation to be a De La Salle Brother.”

The La Salle Brothers were established in Pakistan in 1960. Currently there are 10 schools with a total enrollment of 6778 students (3842 are Christians and 2936 are Muslims). There are two institutions (St. Miguel House of Formation in Faisalabad and the St. Albert’s National Catechists’ Training Center). The number of local Brothers serving in Pakistan are 15, 4 are missionaries from Pakistan and 1 is a scholastic.