Rome, April 6th, 2020

The health emergency caused by COVID19 has meant that governments in almost all countries where Lasallian establishments are found have decided to close all schools for the time being. Only a few of our boarding establishments, whose pupils have nowhere else to go, continue to provide their services but under special conditions, so as to avoid the spread of infection among the residents.

Up to now, we have received no reports of loss of life within our large Lasallian family, but many of our students and their families are suffering the impact of diminishing finances.

On the other hand, we are happy to see that, even though the schools must remain closed for the time being, many of them are continuing to provide educational services. The use of digital platforms, virtual classrooms, computer systems and social networks in general have enabled us to continue our work as educators providing knowledge, guiding family relationships, giving messages of hope and facilitating all kinds of resources necessary for everyday life. Thus we have seen students and teachers happily coming together in virtual sessions and developing features appropriate for the new reality. Other schools, in places where there is no access to technology, are searching creatively for ways to find solutions for their situations.

Once again, we can rejoice in the large amount of generous social work that some Lasallians are undertaking by converting their educational establishments into hotels, or providing medical resources and food. Once again they are demonstrating the strengths to be found in great educators, namely creativity, resilience, generosity, a capacity for communication and above all a passionate concern for children and young people.

Let us give thanks to the Lord for the great qualities of concern and solidarity shown by our students, and for the wonderful educators who are finding ways to redesign their schools in the face of huge difficulties.

Live, Jesus, in our hearts… Forever!


Br. Nestor Anaya, FSC
Secretary of Association and Mission

Here are some initatives being undertaken to support people affected by COVID19