Lasallian Reflection No. 9
Where is your focus?

 On the strategy regarding Lasallian DNA.

Brother Armin Luistro, Superior General, and his Council have decided to continue the “Lasallian Reflection” strategy in view to provide all Lasallians with a theme for study and action every year.

Lasallian Reflections in the coming years will continue to deepen the content of the identity through the logo and the theme “Lasallian DNA” and each year will focus on a specific aspect, accompanied by a document for further study. This year’s supporting document will be sent to the Regions and Districts in July.

For this reason, from the Communications and Technology Service we are pleased to introduce you the theme of Lasallian Reflection No. 9 (2023-2024)

Where is your focus?

The key question of the Lasallian Reflection No. 9 “LASALLIAN DNA

Where is your focus?” is related to one of the main questions of the Leavening Project: Where is your brother? Where is your sister? It is a call to focus our attention and action on the needs surrounding us, to review our daily concerns and the way we respond personally and as a community to the different challenges that society presents to us.

Where is our focus? Let us examine in what concrete ways the challenges of our world and our immediate reality are impacting on:

  • Our own life
  • Our family life
  • Our friendly relationships
  • Living together in our schools, universities, socio-educational institutions
  • Our action in our rural or urban environment
  • The political and social circumstances of the country and the world.

As in previous years, each Region and District will be able to choose the starting date of the annual theme, according to the school calendars of each country.

If you further questions or any comments, please do not hesitate to send them to the following email address:

Fraternally yours,

Team of Communications and Technology Service
Generalate – Rome