Lasallian Studies offers the text of the complete works of De La Salle.

The text published in 1993 has been checked, with added notes and cross references. The whole text and each of the works carries an introduction, written by Brother Alain Houry.

Files available in the Christian Brothers Conference web site

General introduction to the writings of De La Salle

Introduction to the Common Rules and the Rule of the Brother Director.
Common Rules RC
Rule of the Brother Director FD

Introduction to Memoire on the Habit.
Reflections on the Habit MH

Introduction to personal writings
Personal writings EP

Introduction to the Collection of Different Small Treatises
Collection of Different Small Treatises R

Introduction to the Directories
Directories RD

Introduction to the Explanation of the Method of Mental Prayer
Explanation of the Method of Mental Prayer EM

Introduction to the Meditations for Sundays and Feasts
Meditations for Sundays MD
Meditations for Feasts MR

Introduction to Meditations for the Time of Retreat
Meditations for the Time of Retreat MR

Introduction to the Letters
Original manuscript letters LA
Copied letters LC
Printed letters LI

Introduction to The Conduct of Schools Ma
Conduct of Schools CE

Introduction to Rules of Politeness
Rules of Politeness and Christian Good Manners RB

Introduction to Duties of a Christian A
Duties of a Christian A DA

Introduction to Duties of a Christian B, and of the Largerand Smaller Outlines (summaries)
Duties of a Christian B DB
Larger Summary of Duties GA
Smaller Summary of Duties PA

Introduction to Duties of a Christian 
Duties of a Christian C DC

Introduction to Instructions and Prayers
Instructions and Prayers I

Introduction to Exercises of Piety
Exercises of Piety E

Introduction to Hymns (Spiritual Canticles) A
Hymns A CA S