The General Council of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools decided to establish the Istituto Convitto Jesus Magister (ICJM, the Institute of Jesus Magister) Consortium.  ICJM operated until the late 1960s as a training and formation institute for the Brothers of the Institute and other religions.  In its current iteration, however, ICJM Consortium will expand its audience to include the lay partners of the Institute.

Working with the various Lasallian education institutions (basic education institutions, Universities), Institute Commissions, Regions, Districts, sectors, and associations, the ICJM Consortium shall serve as the catechetical, formation, and continuing learning and professional development hub for the global network of Lasallian institutions.  In this regard, ICJM will identify existing programs offered by our institutions: short-term; certificate; diploma; and advanced degrees, that, when effectively disseminated to the global Lasallian network, will encourage Brothers and lay partners, to participate in.

To accomplish its task, ICJM will be a consortium that brings together various Lasallian institutions, Commissions, regional organizations, and other associations to offer formation and professional development programs in four areas, namely:

  1. Lasallian formation
  2. Leadership development
  3. Learning and pedagogy
  4. Religious education/catechetical supervision

The ICJM Consortium will endeavor to create a more structured program for the Lasallian Brothers and partners and members of other religious congregations who wish to take the courses in the aforementioned areas.    To start, the Consortium will partner with selected universities in the regions of the Institute.  These universities currently offer certificate and degree programs that are within the program areas defined earlier.

In addition, through the programs that will be disseminated or implemented by ICJM, we hope to develop a greater sense of belongingness among members of our global network as these programs provide a profound exposure to the diverse ways that members of our network contribute to the transformation that we seek.

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