This guide has been prepared and put in order only after a great number of conferences between the oldest Brothers of the Institute and those most capable of running a school well, and after several years of experience. Nothing has been added that has not been thoroughly deliberated and well tested, nothing of which the advantages and disadvantages have not been weighed and, as far as possible, of which the good or bad consequences have not been foreseen.

(The Conduct of the Christian Schools, Preface)

The experience of de La Salle and the first Brothers as they drew up The Conduct of the Christian Schools, through a long process of reflection and active participation, has become for us an icon that inspires the dynamics of research which we Brothers and Lasallians are called to live out, in a spirit of association, reflecting together on the mission of the Institute today.

The Lasallian Research and Resources Service works in the production of Lasallian thought, in dialogue with the living tradition of the Institute and the context of the 21st century. In order to do this, in addition to preserving and enriching the historical patrimony of the Center of the Institute, it fosters multi-discipline research which is directed to contribute responses to the challenges of the Lasallian educational mission.


  1. To enrich the historical patrimony of the Center of the Institute by generating research processes that are supported by the use of primary sources that are accessible through communication technology.
  2. To encourage research on the challenges of current education in the context of association for the Lasallian mission.
  3. To continue the preservation and the enrichment of Lasallian historical patrimony located at the Center of the Institute: Archives, Library and Museum.
  4. To promote the propagation of Lasallian thought by participating with those entities in charge of animating the educational mission and forming Brothers and Partners.
  5. To continue to identify and to train researchers who collaborate not only in making things known but also in producing new Lasallian thought that is capable of becoming a prophetic voice in the world of education and pastoral ministry.

To journey towards a future form of an integrated system of Lasallian archives, libraries and museums that responds to the requirements of contemporary research.


Members of the Service:

This Service is headed by a Secretary-Coordinator ensures the joint work between research, archive, library and museum.

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