As a result of the Corona pandemic and its consequences that lead to the closing of schools and universities to face-to-face learning; Bethlehem University Education students saw the training course that allows them to practice teaching at local schools severely affected. In face of that, their professor started to look for ways to change the crisis into an opportunity and, quite literally, a “teachable moment”. In achieving that, the Lasallian network proved invaluable, allowing our Bethlehemite Students to teach and observe teaching in two different lasallian institutions in Mexico and one in Rwanda. Here are some testimonies from the student-teachers involved.

Coincido sobremanera con el proverbio chino del filósofo Kuan-Tseu, ¡Enséñale a pescar! Sin embargo, vivo en una zona semidesértica, en Saltillo, Coahuila, México. Entonces aquí, entre tanto matorral xerófilo en el cual se han encontrado los esqueletos más impresionantes de dinosaurios, no hay otra opción que buscar un metafórico mar del cual sobrevivir. Hace casi 12 años, en el 2010, me ingenié un proyecto titulado “Menos Face y más Book”; esto con el fin de aminorar la influencia negativa que pueden tener las redes sociales, y presentando a la lectura y la escritura como la mejor opción recreativa: en este proyecto se escribe mucho y se lee mucho.

We have all experienced the changes in routine that the crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to humanity. Education has not been unaffected by this contingency. Throughout the Lasallian world there are countless examples of Brothers and teachers who have created, modified or reinvented experiences to reach out through social media or other methods to students who have not returned to their schools in person.