In the framework of the 3rd Conference on the 2030 Agenda, organised by the Barcelona City Council (Spain) at the end of 2023, the project ‘La Salle Social Challenges’, from the La Salle Barcelona University Campus, has been awarded as the best contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) made in a higher education centre.

The initiative, led by Leticia Duboc, encourages collaboration and the relationship between different generations and disciplines through the co-creation of interventions in which technology plays a key role. “At La Salle-URL our mission is to train professionals with the courage to develop a fairer and more sustainable society, which must be done from a multidisciplinary and participatory perspective. This is exactly what we have sought with this project,” says the Lasallian researcher.

The programme brings together students from different courses and fields of knowledge, experts and citizens to co-create interventions aimed at social justice. These interdisciplinary and intergenerational teams work for weeks with the advice of experts in old age and social projects and with the accompaniment of philosopher mentors. “Together, we reflect on the opportunities and threats of technology in society, and develop a broader and more grounded vision of the issues we face in order to achieve an inclusive society,” explains Leticia Duboc.

The initiative, and the recognition of the Barcelona City Council, demonstrates the commitment of La Salle-URL to contribute to the construction of a more inclusive and just society, to the promotion of healthy ageing and the training of professionals with values who are agents of change and are involved in sustainable development worldwide. The ‘La Salle Social Challenges’ project has a special impact on two of the UN SDGs: Quality education (SDG 4) and Sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11).

Best practices

It should be noted that the ‘La Salle Social Challenges’ project has also received the ‘Best practices in university social commitment’ award at the tenth edition of the ACM Awards for Social Responsibility granted by Aristos Campus Mundus, the campus of international excellence formed by the University of Deusto, the Pontificia Comillas University and the Ramon Llull University. The initiative was also one of the protagonists of the URL’s second annual sustainability day, in which the renowned ethologist and activist Jane Goodall took part.

Congratulations! It is very good news to know that more and more Lasallians are committed to caring for our common home and are leading initiatives in favour of the Sustainable Development Goals.

* Source: La Salle Barcelona University Campus –