From the 28th to the 31th of December 2021, in the meeting house in Ciudad San Cristóbal, Guatemala, has officially begun the first part of the 18th District Chapter of the District of Central America-Panama under the inspiring motto: “We are building paths to transform lives”.

In the midst of this pandemic situation, the chapter programme was developed calmly, joyfully and fraternally. The presence of a good group of young and middle-aged Brothers is noteworthy. Were also present Brother Paulo Petry, General Councillor for the Lasallian Latin American Region, Brother Alberto Mairena, outgoing Visitor, and Brother Francisco Boniche Rosales as Auxiliary Visitor. In the midst of the difficulties of the pandemic, Brother Alberto Mairena recalled the synodal call of Pope Francis and his words to our Institute: “I urge you to have a passion for the discarded in order to give them hope and enthusiasm”.  In this sense, we will grow better by the testimonies of life than by the pretence of simple “marketing”.

First of all, there have been opportunities to listen to the voices of those involved in the Lasallian mission in the District in order to add to and enrich the reflection. They are:

  • Young Brothers of the District and their proposals.
  • Young Lasallians and their reflection through their representative, Alicia Sanchez from Guatemala.
  • Signum Fidei Coordinator (Nicaragua).
  • Conference on the current situation in Latin America.

There was also ample time to listen to the reports on the management of Animation and Governance, Educational Mission, Pastoral Ministry and District Financial Administration.

The programme runned smoothly and efficiently, and the capitulants are committed to moving forward with group work on effective proposals for the running of the District over the next four years.           

Br.  Francisco Dionisio Pérez
Coordinator of the Preparatory Commission of the 18th District Chapter