At the San Antonio Hotel, in Bugibba, from 6-8 February 2023, the second District Mission Assembly has taken place. It is important to highlight the enthusiasm, energy and sense of community that nurtures the passion for the Lasallian Mission in the District of Ireland, Great Britain and Malta.

Over 50 delegates came to Malta from the 36 Lasallian ministries, schools and retreat centres in the District to evaluate the past four years of work and reflect on the hopes and opportunities for the years to come.

After three days of productive and positive discussions, the delegates produced an exciting and innovative way forward that will sustain and develop the Mission into the future.

There were good 18 months of preparation and hard work, for a journey that began on Monday, 6 February 2023, when Brother Ben Hanlon (Visitor of the IGBM District), in his welcome address, reminded the delegates that education is the greatest weapon to face challenges and that with it one has the power to change the world, particularly when it comes to caring for our Planet.

At the opening of the Assembly, Tomeu Martorell, representing RELEM, encouraged all the participants, while Br Chris PatiƱo, General Councillor, stated he was impressed by the sense of unity of the assembly and the fact that the delegates recognised the challenges ahead of them and had the desire to respond to these challenges with enthusiasm. Br. Joel Palud, General Councillor, on the other hand, congratulated everyone on their hard work and stressed that, as guarantors of the Lasallian charism, one of the responsibilities is to ensure that the charism is open and flexible.

In conclusion, Brother Ben Hanlon thanked those who had contributed to the Assembly, and reflected on what had been achieved in three days in terms of reports and also on the bold, courageous and practical steps taken to sustain and improve the Lasallian Mission. “It will take time to realise all the hopes, but I am confident that in four years’ time we will see the fruits of what has been done this week”.

The District of Ireland Great Britain Malta comprises 35 schools, both primary and secondary, serving 21,000 students, in which Lasallian education has been instrumental over the years. Many students have been inspired to return to their schools as teachers, and many more live and share these values in other areas of life.
Today, Lasallian education in schools is based on five fundamental principles: concern for the poor and social justice; quality education; faith in God’s presence; respect for all people; inclusive community.