On Tuesday 15 March the congress “Equis – A question about being, context and education” organised by La Salle took place at the Teatro Goya in Madrid. More than 300 people attended the event, which invited reflection on the need to reinvent education in the disruptive times in which we live. Present at the event were Alejandro Tiana, Secretary of State for Education, and various ministers and General Directors of the education ministries of different autonomous communities.

The event started with a short dance on stage and a reflection on the necessary synchronisation between progress and education.

From the keynote address by Pedro Huerta, philosopher and Secretary General of the Network of Catholic Schools, based on a tour back in the history of philosophy to reflect on being, we moved on to the concept of artificial intelligence by Idoia Salazar, co-founder and president of the Observatory of the Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence (OdiseIA) and member of the team of experts of the Observatory of Artificial Intelligence of the European Parliament…. a world that is advancing fast”, so “it is important to think about what the benefits of the technologies really are and how we can deal with the risks”.

Ángel Gómez de Agreda, expert in Geopolitics, provided the keys to living and understanding a global world. “Geopolitics serves to make us more resistant to disinformation”. While naturalist and reporter Nacho Dean, who has walked and swum around the world across five continents to defend the environment, stressed that “education is one of the keys to moving towards a better and more sustainable world”.

Student Marta Borrell, reporting from Seoul, then took the young people’s demands forward, having filmed a documentary in Mozambique. “What the new generation needs most is opportunities. Students must inevitably be part of the conversation.”

Other contributions came from: Jorge Sierra, member of the La Salle District team, TED speaker and former president of Wikimedia Spain. Juan Fernández-Aceytuno, engineer, entrepreneur and founder of Know Square and Paula Farias (doctor, aid worker, former president of Doctors without Borders and writer).

Itziar Muniozguren, coordinator of the team developing the NCA (Nuevo Contexto de Aprendizaje -New Context of Learning-) model, which was designed specifically for the entire District Arlep, made an interesting contribution.

…. From repetition to creation. From walls to open space. From the original institutions to today.

The Brothers of the Christian Schools (La Salle) began their mission in Spain in 1878.
* In the District Arlep (Spain and Portugal) there are currently: 575 Brothers, 115 ministries, 76,866 students and 6,459 teachers.

Statistics updated to 31 December 2021.

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