The Archives in the Generalate contain documents about history, administration and other general matters that Districts send or that are deposited by Generalate personnel. The Archivist responds to requests for information which come to him from researchers, Brothers and others. Some documents are classified as confidential.

The following are the main sections of the archives of the Generalate. For further information, please contact our archivist at:



  1. The Founder, foundation documents, letters, contemporaries, biographies, studies of The Bull of Benedict XIII and Letters Patent
  2. Histories of the Institute, e.g., Rigault
  3. Spirituality, Catechises, Christian Education, former pupils
  4. Brothers’ theses, publications, awards, e.g., Legion d’Honneur
  5. Institute pre-French Revolution, Brothers, communities, Gabriel Drolin, etc.
  6. Mother Houses / Generalates, Second Novitiate, SIEL, CIL, communities of the Generalate
  7. General Chapters, Rules, other documents – in three languages since 1966
  8. Superiors General, Circulars, Pastoral Letters, Assistants and, since 1976
  9. Secretary General, Procurator, Secretaries for Formation, for Education, SECOLI
  10. Postulator, Saints, Beati, Bulls of Canonisation, Causes Letters of St. Benilde, Blessed Salomon
  11. Personnel: Living and Deceased, community lists since 1873, Notices Nécrologique since 1823, Grandes Fiches of those who died in the Institute and of those who left
  12. Visitors, Visitors General, reports of visits up to about 1966 after which the Visitors’ correspondence is often found in the Councillors’ files
  13.  Districts, Communities, Regions
  14. Fonds/Deposits of Leon de Marie AROZ, Maurice-Auguste HERMANS, Michel SAUVAGE, Marcel MARTINAIS and others
  15. District Circulars, school annuals and other printed material, photographic section, school texts, etc