The Secretariat of Lasallian Research and Resources of the Institute sent out the survey in 2020

The office of Lasallian Research and Resources in Rome, at the request of the AIMEL Preparatory Commission, sent out an international online COVID survey to all Lasallian institutions in 79 countries in early 2020, when educational ministries in the Lasallian world had been dealing with COVID realities during a very challenging year. The purpose of the study was to help delegates to AIMEL understand the pressing challenges of our educational institutions around the world.

The results indicated how more than 900 Lasallian schools responded in the major areas of pedagogical, institutional, financial, and general school management. Subsequently, four groups of scholars at Lasallian universities in the Philippines, Brazil, and Mexico analyzed these results and wrote short reports with insights about both practical, organizational, pedagogical, and inter-personal realities that deserve our attention today.

The report provides a unique global overview of the pandemic’s impact on Lasallian education, along with the impressive resiliency and innovative responses of administrators, teachers, parents and students. There are rich insights to be gained from the document for members of the upcoming Mission Assembly and the General Chapter. It is also significant for all those interested in how a global Catholic educational organization has moved through this pervasive and ongoing pandemic, facing its challenges and maintaining its core commitments to education, to educators, and to those confided to their care.