The Cause includes 8 Brothers of the Christian Schools and 1 Passionist religious.

The Brothers of this school were the first victims, massacred in Turón, a mining village in Asturias in 1934, together with their chaplain, in front of the school that was also attended by the children of some of their executioners. It was the beginning of the hurricane that would be unleashed twenty months later across the nation. These Brothers died young, fearless in the face of death, confident that in death they would find life, eternal life. They are the Brothers:

Saint Cirilo Bertrán (José Sanz Tejedor, Community Director), 46  years old
Bron in  Lerma (Burgos), Spain, March 20, 1888
Entered the novitiate on October 23, 1906

Saint Marciano José (Filomeno López y López), 34 years old
Born in El Pedregal (Guadalajara), Spain, November 15, 1900
Entered the novitiate on September 20, 1916

Saint Julián Alfredo (Vilfrido Fernández Zapico), 32 years old
Born in Cifuentes de Rueda (León), Spain, December 24, 1903
Entered the novitiate on February 4, 1926

Saint Victoriano Pío (Claudio Bernabé Cano), 29 years old
Born in San Millan de Lora (Borgos), Spain, July 7, 1905
Entered the novitiate on August 30, 1921

Saint Benjamín Julián (Vicente Alonso Andrés), 26 years old
Born in Jamarillo de la Fuente (Burgos), Spain, October 27, 1908
Entered the novitiate on August 29, 1924

Saint Augusto Andrés (Román Martín Fernández), 24 years old
Born in Santander, Spain, May 6, 1910
Entered the novitiate on February 3, 1926

Saint Benito de Jesús (Héctor Valdivieso Sáez), 24 years old
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 31, 1910
Entered the novitiate on August 7, 1926

Saint Anicet Adolfo (Manuel Seco Gutiérrez), 22 years old
Born in Celada Marlantes (Santander), Spain, October 4, 1912
Entered the novitiate on September 6, 1928

Saint Inocencio de la Immaculada,CP (Manuel Canoure Arnau), 47 years old
Born in Cecilia del Valle de Oro (Lugo), Spain, March 10, 1887
Ordained on  September 20, 1920

Martyred in Spain on October 9, 1934

Iter of the Cause
25/03/1947: Opening of the Diocesan Process super martyrio
23/01/1987: Rome, appointment of the Rapporteur: Fr. Ambrogio Eszer, O.P.
27/01/1988: Presentation of the Positio
09/12/1988: Congress of Theologians
16/05/1989: Plenary of Cardinals and Bishops
07/09/1989: Decree super martyrio

Beatification: 29/04/1990 – H.H. John Paul II

The eight Brothers of Turón, Father Inocencio de la lnmaculada, Passionist and Brother Jaime Hilario, reached the supreme glory of canonisation on 21st November 1999. The miracle which occurred through their intercession, studied and approved by the competent Vatican bodies, was the inexplicable healing of Mrs Rafaela Auxiliadora Bravo Jirón, from León (Nicaragua), which took place on the same day as their beatification.

20/03/1998: Congress of the Theologians super miro
20/10/1998: Plenary of Cardinals and Bishops
21/12/1998: Decree super miro
02/07/1999: Consistory in the presence of the Holy Father.

Canonization: 21/11/1999 – H.H. John Paul II

Liturgical feast: October 9

SS. Cirilo Bertrán y comps.

S. Jaime Hilario Barbal

by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments