Brother Paulo Petry, currently Coordinator of the Commission on Formation and Consecrated Life for the District of Brazil-Chile (together with Brother Eder Polido), as well as being part of the District Leadership Team, representing Visitor of the Brothers in Chile, has recently composed a new song dedicated to the Founder, John Baptist de La Salle.

“Music is something intrinsic to my life, I use it as a tool for evangelisation and spreading the image of the Patron Saint of Educators. This is how I reflect on De La Salle’s spirituality and charism in the form of poetry and harmony”.

“This song aims at highlighting the presence of God in our lives, emphasising the figure of Jesus who lives in us and keeps the flame of the Spirit alive in our hearts”.

Br Paulo’s joyful song, a joy expressed in the words and style of the music, is addressed to the general public, but especially to Lasallians united in the educational mission.

“By accepting and doing the holy will of God in our lives,” says Br Paulo, “we spread around us the joy of service and the light of the Word that enlightens us.

The song is part of a set of other compositions (@MrPPetry) that I recorded in the album, entitled: ‘Your image, your light’.