“Utopia is on the horizon. I take two steps closer; it takes two steps further.
I walk ten steps and the horizon moves ten steps further.
No matter how far I walk, I’ll never reach it.
So, what is utopia for? That’s what it’s for: it’s for walking.

Eduardo Galeano.

Each year, Brother Robert Schieler, Superior General, and his Council provide all Lasallians in the world with a theme for reflection, as a guideline of the discussions, studies and local actions; since 2015 this material has been called: Lasallian Reflection.

With the title “A Gospel experience” in the school year 2015-2016 this cycle of documents was initiated, and at present, printed publications, images in social media and a good number of billboards in educational ministries display a multicoloured eye that reminds us that “we are part of the miracle”.

Because of the different academic calendars that exist throughout the Lasallian geography, some countries begin the dissemination of the document, the motto and its logo in the month of September, some in December and others between January and March of the following year. That is why two themes are present at the same time, for a few months, in the minds and hearts of Lasallians all over the world.

In the current year (2021-2022) Brother Robert and the Brother Councillors invite us to look at the horizon of difficult but possible projects. They invite us to believe in the dreams that can come true when they perceive the passion for humanity and community encounter. When we overcome the walls of the difficult reality and find in the Gospel words that encourage us not to lose heart and to promote significant changes for the growth of our faith, the defence of the human and real actions in favour of the environment.

We are women and men of faith. We are Catholics, and that implies having our arms open and our hearts ready to work together with others who, even if they do not share our beliefs, also want a better world for all. For this reason, Lasallian Reflection No. 7 is entitled:

To dream is our way forward! – Building new paths to transform lives.

The PDF document is now available here to be internalised, shared, so that many concrete initiatives may be translated into a better life for many people, especially those on the peripheries.

Happy reading! And may many dreams come true.

Brother Alexánder González, FSC
Secretary-Coordinator of Communication and Technology
Generalate, Rome, Italy.

This will be the logo of Lasallian Reflection No. 7:

The logo is inspired by the impossible images in the work of Dutch artist Escher: impossible worlds that exist.

The triangles represent the construction of the social fabric, in a strong structure that does not deform and is maintained by the tension of diverse forces,

analogy of what it takes to achieve a dream.

The jagged lines represent how winding it can be to take on new challenges.

Finally, there is a metaphorical allusion to the most Holy Trinity: building community in diversity.

This logo was developed by the designer Carolina Henao Castro together with the team of the Directorate of Communication and Marketing at the Universidad de La Salle in Bogotá, Colombia. To them, to the University authorities and to the Lasallians of the District of Bogota our thanks for this contribution for all Lasallians throughout the world.