Br. Alberto Gómez, FSC

On Saturday, January 30, feast of our Belgian Brother Saint Mutien-Marie, our community wanted to celebrate two very special events. The opening of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of La Salle’s first school in Saint John Molenbeek (Brussels) and the blessing of the chapel of the new socio-educational center. The new community wished to place this new project of the RELEM Region in the hands of God and to entrust it to the intercession of Brother Mutien-Marie. La Salle Molenbeek is one of the “Beyond the Borders” projects.

The renovation work lasted two years due to the constraints caused by the COVID pandemic. The help of the Districts of the Region, as well as of the Secretariat for Solidarity and Development and the Delegation of Belgium North was essential to finance the work. Two of the Brothers who will form the community, Edwin Arteaga from Colombia and Jesuraj from India, already live in Belgium. We hope to be able to make the official inauguration of the whole Center during this year 2021. Let us hope that this will be possible.