Brother Superior General has reappointed Brother Alberto Gómez as Delegate of the Delegation of Belgium North.


His term of office will be three years: from December 1, 2021 to November 30, 2024.


The Delegation of Belgium North was created in 2015. For the third time, Brother Superior General has entrusted Brother Alberto Gómez the leadership of this Delegation of the Institute for another three years. At that time there were still 54 Belgian Brothers. Today the Delegation has 20 Brothers, all living in nursing homes. In the letter of appointment, Brother Superior General thanks Brother Alberto for his availability, his closeness and his work of animation and collaboration with the other organizations of the Delegation.


The management of the Lasallian Mission is carried out by the VLP (Vlaams Lasalliaans Perspectief), a competent group of educational professionals. The Foundation “De La Salle Noord-België”, presided over by Brother Jacques D’Huiteau, and made up of three lay persons and six Brothers from various countries, is responsible for the financial management of the assets of the Institute in Belgium North. A group of nurses and secretaries collaborate generously with the Brother Delegate in the good care and attention of the Brothers.


Brother Superior General has affirmed the Delegation and the Foundation for the work done for the new educational project of Molenbeek in Brussels and encouraged all to build bridges of collaboration between Belgium North and South.


He also expresses his gratitude to all the Brothers in Belgium for the immense work done both in their country and in other African countries.


The Lasallian Mission in Belgium is now in its 230th year of history.