Challenges, Convictions and Hopes

In response to Proposition 17 of the 45th General Chapter, the following Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission is presented.  Its intention is to motivate and guide our educational work toward the future in response to the needs and challenges of today’s world.  It seeks to offer proposals full of hope and to highlight certain convictions derived from our rich history in order to facilitate the development and continuity of our Educational Communities.

To achieve this objective, present reality has been kept in mind as the starting point, our rich history as an Institute has been recognized and a desired future imagined.  We rely on research and dialogue to recognize who we are, what we do and how we do it. The International Council for Association and the Lasallian Educational Mission (CIAMEL) has desired to propose a profound, inspiring and prophetic text that invites commitment and that looks forward to the future in hope.

This new document is not an update of The Brother of the Christian Schools in the World Today: A Declaration of 1967, which will be considered further on in Part One.  This Declaration has a different purpose, that of serving as a starting point for an ongoing reflection on the Educational Mission that unites Lasallians worldwide.

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