During the week of October 17, 2022, the Lasallian Research and Resources Service organized a meeting of those who work in the archives, library, and museum at the Casa Generalizia in Rome with some of the top Lasallian archivists from around the world. The purpose of the meeting is to increase the collaboration and shared best practices begun in 2019 at the first international gathering of Lasallian archivists. The Society of International Lasallian Archivists (SILA) that was created after the 2019 gathering has met several times online since that first meeting, and different language groups have established regular SILA online meetings via Zoom. At this meeting in Rome, this representative SILA group of archivists is addressing common topics such as 1) updating the Lasallian classification system that was originally developed in 1975 by Br. John Mulhern, 2) moving towards a common understanding of appropriate privacy and access protocols, 3) putting together a set of guidelines and resources for new or developing District archive collections, and 4) providing input towards the creation of the international Lasallian digital repository. Other topics will be discussed as well.

Participants from the Institute’s Service (SRRL) are Br. George Van Grieken, FSC, Secretary-Coordinator; Br. Hilaire Raharilalao, FSC, Institute Archivist; Br. John Fernando, FSC, Assistant Archivist; Maria Agnello, Assistant Archivist; Anna Cascone, Librarian and Museum Director; Br. Antxon Andueza, FSC, General Secretary emeritus. Major Lasallian archivists who have come as consultants from other parts of the world represent the three major language groups РEnglish, French, and Spanish. They are Amy Surak (English РManhattan College Archives), Magali Devif (French РLyons Archives), and Yajayra Grajeda (Spanish РCentral America). As a special guest, also attending is Erick Iriarte from Peru, whose interest and specialty is the organization of Lasallian museum collections.

At the end of this week of conversation and collaboration, there will be an online Zoom meeting of the worldwide SILA community of Lasallian archivists, librarians, and museum directors. During that meeting, some of the results from the week will be shared along with any new directions or projects that are being proposed. By engaging all the members of the SILA community, the Institute continues to build on the expertise and interest of Lasallians around the who are involved in preserving and sharing the Lasallian charism through their archives, libraries, and museums.