From May 24-26, 2023, the International Council for Lasallian Association and the Educational Mission (CIAMEL) met at the Generalate (Rome, Italy), this being its last session of the present period. In addition to this particularity, CIAMEL met together with the General Council to study the renewal of the CIAMEL Statutes, to give feedback on the new organization of the general services of the Institute and to reflect on catechetical animation in the Institute.

Following the appointments made at the time, Brother Superior General and his Council thanked the members of CIAMEL: Alisa Macksey, Jessica Ortega, Colette Allix, Rose Laetitia Dala, Fritzie Ian de Vera, Keane Palatino; Brothers Vinicio González, Jesús Félix Martínez, Ferdinand Biziyaremye and the permanent guests: Heather Ruple, Francisco Chiva and Nestor Anaya for their generous dedication and professionalism throughout the years they have served the Institute as members of this Council.

In his farewell message, Brother Carlos Gómez, Vicar General, in addition to reiterating his gratitude, invited them to continue illuminating the mission by quoting a beautiful verse of Tagore:

“And the setting sun asked, ‘Who can replace me?’ ‘I will do what I can!” answered the clay lamp. I like the image because as Paul, the apostle teaches us, we carry this treasure in earthen vessels…. Yes, we are lights like the clay lamp. We do not illuminate the day like the sun that usually blinds, but we can illuminate the night with a dim light that facilitates the journey along the road of encounters with so many good people committed to the Lasallian Mission in the whole world, all of them dedicated to the education of children and young people, especially the poorest.

For their part, the members of CIAMEL expressed their satisfaction of having served the Institute by guiding some documents such as the Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission, the Criteria of Identity for the vitality of Lasallian educational works and Let’s Talk about the Lasallian Family, among others, but, above all, by animating and guiding the III International Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission, which will be a reference for the near future of the Mission.

The next meeting of CIAMEL will have new members who will bring to the Lasallian world new energy and perspectives for the good of the mission.

For now, let us unite in gratitude for the important service that this group has contributed and that with their testimony and work they invite us to continue dreaming of a better world.

Dear members of CIAMEL: thank you very much for all your work. May our good Father reward you as only He knows how.

Long live Jesus in our hearts… forever!

By Brother Néstor Anaya, FSC
Mission Secretary