The educational and social works of the Arlep District (Spain – Portugal) have renovated their logo in view to get updated to the changes of a new era in which its essence remains intact.

This academic year (2022 -2023), La Salle in Spain and Portugal has a new logo, a design that retains the essence of what its star represents, but which is more dynamic, lighter and versatile.

As a result of a profound reflection, which expands worldwide, La Salle wants to be part of the change that is taking place in society, and, without losing its identity and its values, we adhere to the need to commit ourselves to what we believe in:

We believe in the power of education as a tool for transforming the world. We believe in human and Christian values.
We believe that difference is a source of richness.
We believe that together is always better.
We believe that together we can achieve our goals.
We believe in justice and equal opportunities.
We believe that our star will always enlighten our way and that the mission of Saint John Baptist de La Salle is still alive and is possible thanks to thousands of people who, through their dedication and commitment, make it a reality wherever we are.


The schools of Spain and Portugal (La Salle Arlep) have chosen the theme BETTER TOGETHER as their inspirational motto, which together with the theme of Lasallian reflection No. 8: “Lasallian DNA. What drives us to serve” will be the inspirational axes for this new academic year. We transcribe here some excerpts from the official presentation that they have made on their website:

The values that guide our reflection this academic year are: the sense of community and fraternity, and the theme chosen as the roadmap for the coming months is “Better together”, as a means of deepening some issues such as: the richness of living together, the group, brotherhood/sisterhood and love for the other.

Together we grow and are enriched by sharing with others. Together we face difficulties and share their weight. Together we dream of a better future and we are all protagonists. Together we are more and this is better.

As a school, La Salle proposes community as a way of life. The educational community faces the challenge of providing human education and responding to the social needs of the environment; and, as a Christian community, lives, shares and celebrates its faith.