Making a change is always interesting. It is not always easy. The truth is that it is much easier to leave things as they are and live in peace and quiet. However, we are always confronted with the gospel challenge to “set out on the way”, and that appeal is stronger than the desire for the tranquility to be had by keeping things easy.

That is why we in the Institute’s Service for Communications Technology in Rome took on the task of building a new website for the Lasallian family. The work involved a multitude of meetings, consultations, papers and plans. There were plenty of disagreements and problems, technical and human, and the accompanying discussions.

Our next step was to entrust the work of design and construction to a promising young firm based in Madrid. The timetable of work was set so that the “new website” would be on line in April 2019, but our plans had not taken into account the fact that the preparations for the #300LaSalle ( Lasallian Tercentenary) would involve so much work. The communication activities generated by celebrations for the Lasallian Jubilee Year tended to push the “the new web site” to the back of the priorites list, so that it was almost forgotten and remained in a peaceful limbo.

It was only a few months ago that we were able resume things and begin the titanic work of uploading and revising the newly designed contents. This apparently simple task involved hours and hours of work by the whole Communications team, especially for Ilaria and for Fabio who struggled with the timing and other difficulties, usual and unusual, involved in any new project.

Now at last we can present to you our new website, thanks to the work of the whole team and the support of Leda, of the Italian firm Algores in the area of technology , and the support of Luigi and the members of the other Institute Services, Brothers and lay people.

We want the website to be easier to navigate and more user friendly for those who visit it. To begin with, people will naturally have some difficulty in finding out where the information they want is located, but gradually they will become familiar with the new presentation.

The postings will have a more journalistic touch and periodically we shall publish articles to share the gospel joy more deeply and vividly with all Lasallians throughout the world.

We apologise in advance for any links that may not work or for any information that is inclomplete. These will be details that have escaped us in our work and which we will have to discover by day to day use as we proceed.

Welcome to the website of the De La Salle Brothers and Lasallians throughout the world. It is constructed in the desire to serve God and humanity and in order to reflect the way in which thousands of men and women in the five Regions of the Institute stand united in association in the conviction that Great Things are Possible when the gospel is the source of our strength.

Br. Alexánder González FSC

Here are the team members of the Communications Technology Service, who work day by day to ensure that the conversation will continue and what is united will stay united: