You are Part of the Miracle

June 1, 2020 admin1

Our vision. Our passion. Our future.

Over the course of last 6 years, Brother Superior General and his Council have proposed an annual theme to encourage reflection by all Lasallians in the world.

Those themes were:

2015 – 2016:              1. A Gospel adventure. Confronting new poverties and the culture of commodification

2016 – 2017:              2. One call, many voices: Sustaining spirituality amidst secularization   

2017 – 2018:              3. Lasallians without frontiers: Creation of sustainable communities

2018 – 2019:              4. Lasallians: Hearts on fire. Our hearts are burning within us

2019 – 2020:              5. Great things are possible

And now we present Lasallian Reflection Number 6 which is entitled:


It is a brief tour of some of the work we are doing around the world, and it is an invitation to discover in every Lasallian initiative a miracle that changes the lives of people and communities.

This theme will start to be used according to the different academic calendars, from September 2020 in some places, and in the first months of the year 2021 in others.

We invite you to read Lasallian Reflection Number 6 and use the logo: “You are part of the miracle” which was created by Lasallians from the ARLEP District (Spain and Portugal).

If your school or university has created initiatives with the theme: “Great things are possible”, or will be creating them with the new theme “You are part of the miracle,” we invite you to share them on your social networks with the hashtag #WeAreLaSalle #SomosLaSalle or send a review to