The invitation of our Brother Superior, Robert Schieler, to join “the People of God and the entire Institute in celebrating the Year of Saint Joseph”, commits us in some cases to recover the figure of Saint Joseph as our patron and protector and, in others, to deepen its meaning: What does the person of Saint Joseph mean for me or for our community? How do we show personally, as a community or as a family our recognition and devotion to Saint Joseph? With what attitudes and actions can we celebrate this Lasallian Year of Saint Joseph?

We are aware that, in many Districts and/or local Lasallian communities, actions are already taking place, as we are noting in some of the social networks. We have time ahead of us until the closing proposed by Pope Francis on 8 December.

As General Council we are providing, from the Communications Service of the Institute, a space for sharing testimonies, resources, documents, updated bibliography, prayers… as a “meeting point” for the whole Lasallian Family to suggest, facilitate, offer… everything that is being developed. We will be pleased to receive and share it. We understand that it will not be possible to translate everything, but the fact of having it in the same place will certainly enrich us.

It is about expressing our respect, our recognition and our gratitude to Saint Joseph for all that he did for the Family of Nazareth and what he continues to do at the level of the whole Church, the Institute and all the Lasallian Family at large.

We are sure that over the coming months we will find ideas, experiences and commitments that will motivate us and invite us to live Lasallian spirituality from the angle of Saint Joseph, for whom Saint John Baptist de La Salle professed a deep devotion and whom he proposed us as Patron Saint.

Happy celebration of the Lasallian Year of Saint Joseph. Let us continue to journey together with all the People of God.

Br. Rafa Matas
General Councillor