Women and men of the Lasallian world strive to make great things possible for the most vulnerable. Service to humanity is a fundamental part of the Lasallian charism, especially when we speak of the focus of attention in Districts which are more prone to poverty, injustice and neglect.

The Lasallian District of Brazil-Chile, has ministries in three countries, with 156 Brothers and 3,400 teachers: Brazil, Chile and Mozambique, and also: 5 universities, 45 high schools, 6 ministries of social services and 12 non-formal education centers.

This is why today we are pleased to share Rede La Salle‘s social report:

Main projects involved in educational service to the poor which are included in the document.

In April, the 2019 edition of the social report was launched, a document that presents some actions that have been highlighted during the past year by Lasallian institutions, aimed at people in situations of social vulnerability in the countries where the District is present. (Brazil, Chile and Mozambique).

Through this report, it is possible to accompany the projects of Rede La Salle giving attention to the educational needs of children and youth in the regions of Lasallian presence. The different social actions have been carried out through welfare scholarships, social assistance projects and actions, volunteer projects and pastoral projects, developed by Lasallian institutions.

According to the Visitor of the Rede La Salle, Brother Olavo José Dalvit:

“The report expresses the efforts of Lasallians to serve those who live in poverty and social exclusion. It does not represent everything that takes place in the institutions of the Network, but it is the expression of the desire of each Lasallian to contribute to the construction of a more just and fraternal humanity through education.”

Learn more about social assistance and the projects developed by it, by accessing the digital version of the Report by clicking here .

More information on educational works in Brazil, Chile and Mozambique .

More information on the Brothers in Brazil.

* Rede La Salle (Portuguese) is the network of schools, universities and social works of the Lasallian District of Brazil-Chile, its presence extends in these two South American countries and in Mozambique, Africa.

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