On Saturday, 6 May 2023, the Superior General and Brother Ricky Laguda, General Councillor, landed at the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore to be welcomed by a group of Brothers from the Sector led by Brother Sajid Bashir.

Escorted by the police, they arrived at La Salle Street Faisalabad and were greeted by jubilant pupils and staff with a fun welcome dance, followed by a guard of honour and the throwing of red rose petals.

Later in the evening, Br. Armin Luistro and Br. Ricky Laguda, accompanied by Br. Tim Peter (Visitor) and Br. Sajid Bashir, reached the formation house, where they were warmly welcomed by the Aspirants and the Director. Br. Armin offered the young men a very inspiring message about the Leavening Project, and they asked questions about the Institute and the vocational story of Brother Superior General.

7 May was an exciting and memorable day for the Lasallian Family of Khushpur as Brother Superior visited the Mission and the Brothers’ Community. After arriving in the Community, he visited the St Albert Catechist Training Centre. Brother Superior spent time with the student catechists and staff, and answered various questions.

This was followed by another visit to the La Salle High School in Khushpur. Here, the welcome was made with the sound of a horn and Dhol (drum). After the scheduled programme, Brother Armin met and encouraged the students and teachers in the various classrooms.

Subsequently, the team of Brothers, comprising Brother Armin Luistro, Brother Ricky Laguda, Brother Tim Peter, Brother Denis Marasinghe and Brother Sajid also visited La Salle High School Gokhuwal and La Salle Boys’ High School – Malkhanwala. The students and teachers welcomed the guests with much joy and happiness, as their presence testified to being part of the big Lasallian Family.

Before lunch, the youth ministers from La Salle High School and College made a short visit to the community to meet Brother Superior General and the other guests. A brief casual interaction with the Young Lasallians was very much appreciated.

The celebration of the Diamond Jubilee for a number of Brothers on Tuesday 9 May involved the cooperation of students and teachers from Campus2 of La Salle High School for a few weeks.

Under a large marquee Brothers, teachers, students, parents and guests of honour gathered for Mass, presided by Bishop Inderias Rehmat and five priests. The Aspirants led the singing during the Mass.

Before the conclusion of the Mass, three special guests, Mr Pervez Masih, Mr Maxuel Shanti and Mr Samuel Sardar, received the affiliation to the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. After the Mass, the audience was entertained by a series of cultural and modern dances with children dressed in colourful costumes. The programme ended with a speech by Brother Superior General and Brother Dennis, a former headmaster, who had come especially from Sri Lanka to join the celebration.

The final speech was delivered by Brother Sajid Bashir, headmaster of Campus 2 School.

To complete the visit to the Sector of Pakistan, the Brothers gathered to listen to the Superior General’s concluding address:

First, the things that impressed him during his brief visit to some of our institutions and the way the Brothers interacted with each other. The second part of his address was about some resolutions of the 46th General Chapter and how they will impact on the life of the Institute in the coming years.