In the complexity of the time we are living in, due to the pandemic, the distance from our beloved ones and our daily lives, the San Francisco-New Orleans District (SFNO), has involved seven high school students in the summer of 2020, to develop five short films, including: their thoughts, their words, their feelings in relation to this difficult and alienating condition.

At the end of January 2021, Annie, Briana, Jonas, Kyle, Makaeo, Mariana, Zach, have launched their videos, the result of a deep self-observation to free themselves from the complexity of the time we are living through images, colours, sounds and words, and to bring their thoughts to life.

The creativity of young students becomes, once again, part of the miracle #youarepartofthemiracle that is renewed every day in the Lasallian world.

Let’s listen and see what they have to tell us. Thank you guys, for sharing your beautiful work

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