On Friday, September 17, 2021, Brother Robert Schieler, Superior General, together with his General Council, inaugurated the new working year in the Casa Generalizia in the presence of Brothers and collaborators. For the first time in a year and a half it was possible to meet in person.

The General Council offered an opening prayer to welcome everyone and to enter into an atmosphere of communion, as well as an introductory video to thank all the lay staff and the Brothers who, in such a complex period at the world level, have made an effort to work in the best way possible, despite the distances and the virtual difficulties. Some time was also dedicated to the presentation of Lasallian Reflection No.7, the reading of the introductory thought of Eduardo Galeano and the distribution of the booklet in Italian for the employees of the Casa Generalizia. 

Undoubtedly, technology and digital platforms have allowed us to keep in touch and break down geographical and physical distances, but the excitement of an in-person gathering was visible on the faces of everyone who attended the meeting.

“I am happy to welcome you as we begin another year of our collaboration for the Global Lasallian Mission. It is good to be together again,” said the Superior General in his address of thanksgiving. 

“I also thank you for your prayers for my health. I have felt their full power during my months of recovery.”

On the occasion of this meeting, Brother Robert also recalled that this is the year of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of the Institute: “Both De La Salle and Pope Francis call Saint Joseph a just, humble man, a guide and guardian of young people. This image also applies to us, to your children, to the children of others and to our students.”

Brother Robert concluded his moving address by recalling the support of each one “in contributing not only to the needs of this House but also to those of the global Lasallian Mission. “I am grateful to each of you,” he added, “for the smiles, the kind words and the daily greetings. It is the small gestures that make a big impact in our lives.”

Ilaria Iadeluca
Communication director
Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools – Rome (Italy)