From 5 to 9 February 2024, at the Generalate in Rome, the new International Council of Lasallian Association and the Educational Mission (CIAMEL) meets for the first time in person. There are five newly appointed members, one representing each of the five Lasallian Regions:

Ms. Coreen Paul
LEAD – Lasallian District of East Asia

Mr. Jean-Marie Ballenghien
District of France and French-speaking Europe

Mr. Kurt Schackmuth
Midwest District

Ms. Madeleine Doris Nzoundja Njiki
Central Africa District

Ms. Adriana Bolaños Hernández
District México Norte

According to Br Ricky Laguda, a member of the Institute’s General Council, CIAMEL “is an attempt at the international level to make sure the participation to the Lasallian Mission” by directly involving partners who “are part of the process of decision making as well as committing themselves to the Lasallian Educational Mission, especially to the Young, and the poor”.

Coreen Paul, CIAMEL’s new President, says that although “we have been meeting virtually since October last year, these five days together allow us time to get to know each other, to understand the work of the Commissions the Offices, with which we will be working together with”, so that the activities of these days are focused on joint planning and analysis of the next steps to be taken. 

Similarly, Adriana Bolaños remarks that “the resolutions of AIMEL and the General Council are a point of reference for our plans and thoughts”.

On Friday 9 February, CIAMEL members will present to the General Council their work plan for the coming years and the planned roadmap for carrying out their mission.