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After two years of work, the III International Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission (#AIMEL2020) is coming to an end with the celebration of its second phase which will be held face-to-face at the Generalate in Rome.

The Delegates from all the Districts of the Institute began the activities of this second phase of work on Saturday 29 August. This will be the definitive phase. The work will be carried out within the framework of 8 lines of action:

  1. Effective governance and financial structures for the sustainability of the Mission.
  2. Building and revitalizing  formation  and accompaniment to grow and sustain the Lasallian mission.
  3. Effective Structures of Association and Intentional Community for Lasallian Commitment.
  4. Culture of Vocations: Creating personal and community spaces and contexts for vocation accompaniment and discernment.
  5. Lasallian response toward eradicating poverty through inclusive communities.
  6. A Lasallian education centred on the Gospel of Jesus and dedicated to spiritual accompaniment and dialogue.
  7. Lasallian Educational Communities for the Transformation of Society: Critical Citizenship, Social Responsibility and Integral Ecology, a New World is Possible
  8. Vitality of the Lasallian identity as the dynamic axis of the mission in new contexts

The first activity will take place outside the Generalate, in a town near Rome called Tivoli. There, there will be a cultural visit to two Villas of Ancient Rome with the aim of fostering fraternal sharing, building community and having adequate time to help the body overcome the time change for those who live in other time zones. Sunday will be a free day; the Regions will be able on this day to finalise the preparation of their space on the excibition regarding best practices.

Monday will see the official opening of the Assembly, with a message from Brother Superior General and the Brother Councillors, as well as from the Brothers of the Generalate Community. This will be followed by a conference, and then a subsequent dialogue on Synodality in Lasallian education. The e events and decisions of the 46th General Chapter will be also presented in the plenary session.

Monday’s activities will end with a meeting by working groups (focusing on the lines of action) in order to revise the document to be presented to the Assembly, to receive feedback from the Delegates and thus arrive at a final version before final approval. This methodology will be repeated on the following days until Thursday, when the final vote will take place.

This week of work will be enriched by moments of prayer, fraternal sharing and a space for the exchange of experiences from their home Districts.

The Assembly will conclude on Friday with the closing ceremony and a special Eucharistic celebration.

Daily information about the Assembly will be available on the social networks of La Salle Global.