On the weekend of 23-24 September, the Council of Young Lasallians of the Lasallian Region of Europe-Mediterranean (RELEM) gathered at the Generalate in Rome to plan for the year 2024.

The Council is made up of: Issy Cording (District of Ireland, Great Britain and Malta – IGBM); Borja Garcia (District Arlep); Vincenzo Rosati (District of Italy); and Mourad Barsoum (Proche-Orient District). During the meeting they were accompanied by Brothers Joël Palud (General Councillor) and Enrico Muller (RELEM Secretary).

According to Mourad Barsoum, who is also the Director of the Office of Vocations and Volunteer Ministry, “this meeting focused on drawing up the projects that we will develop with Young Lasallians during 2024, based on the values and orientations of the 46th General Chapter and the III AIMEL”.

As a result of the meeting, the Council proposed four initiatives or main lines for 2024: (1) networking and communications; (2) sustainable organisational growth; (3) service with the poor; and (4) culture of vocations.

In the following video, the members of the Council of Young Lasallians of RELEM share with us what each of these lines of action entail.