Ilaria Iadeluca
Director of communications
Brothers of the Christian Schools – Rome

On March 12th, 2020, Brother Superior officially authorised the change of name for the District of France, which now becomes the District of France and French-speaking Europe. It comprises France (with its overseas territories), South Belgium, Greece and Switzerland.

A Districtis, in the first place, a structural unit of government in the organisation of the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.

The Rule, (Chapter 9, article 132), states as follows:

132. “The District, as the ordinary expression of the communion existing between the communities and the Brothers who compose it, is more than a structure of government. It manifests and supports the fraternal union which enables all, communities and Brothers, to help one another to shoulder together the responsibility for their life and their apostolic work.

For this reason, the chief mission of those in charge of the District is to promote the unity, as well as the active participation of the Brothers and communities and, by this means, ensure the value and efficacy of their witness within the local Church.

The District is also called to establish and maintain relations with other Districts or Delegations, and strengthen those uniting it to the Centre of the Institute.”

Currently, the Institute is organised into 29 Districts and 3 Delegations. The PARC Region has 4 Districts and 1 Delegation (India); RELAF has 6 Districts and 1 Delegation (Rwanda); RELAL has 8 Districts; RELAN has 4 Districts; RELEM has 7 Districts and 1 Delegation (North Belgium).

In total, the District of France today numbers 316 Brothers and 212 establishments distributed as follows.

France: 277 Brothers and 147 establishments.

South Belgium: 28 Brothers and 60 establishments.

Greece: 3 Brothers and 4 establishments.

Switzerland: 6 Brothers and 1 establishment.

Two Brothers from the District are working outside their own country, one in Italy and one in Peru.

In terms of the mission, the District serves 147,193 students in formal education and 17,265 in informal education. In terms of lay teaching staff, there are 16,500 in total (5,921 men and 10,579 women).

The Visitor of the District is Brother Jean-René Gentric and he is assisted by Brothers Claude Reinhardt, Daniel Elzière and Nicolas Capelle. Nicolas Capelle will be directly responsible for the animation of South Belgium.

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