In the beginnings of our Institute, the Founder steadfastly supported the Church’s teachings, even when his standpoint brought personal troubles as well as risks for him and his followers’ dedication to educate the children of families living on the margins of society. This aspect of the Founder’s educational and spiritual heritage has been passed on from one generation of Lasallians to the next.

While we are proudly lay religious, we offer steadfast support for the Church’s pastors and cooperate with the local Church whenever possible. Today we have an opportunity to revitalize our commitment to what the Church, specifically the Pope, is proposing not only to the Catholic faithful but also to the world.

The Pope’s proposal for a Global Compact on Education (GCE) draws from the deep wells of our expertise, and more importantly, our charism to, “provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially to the poor according to the ministry which the Church has entrusted to it.”

From the moment the Pope launched his pact, our Institute responded immediately through the initiatives of individual Brothers and Lasallian Partners, and educational institutions of every level and modality. Examples of initiatives in support of the GCE can be found in the recent edition of the Institute publication, INTERCOM. Digital media is also being used to publicize these initiatives.

The moment for the Compact could not be more auspicious, for at this time, the Pope is moving the Church towards a model of synodality. According to the Church’s synodal character, each believer is called to share in the Church’s mission of bearing witness to Jesus’ resurrection and values. Examples of the latter include putting the human being at the center, working to build peace, promoting justice, serving the vulnerable and marginalized, and caring for the environment. Some of these are directly related to the Compact’s seven commitments.

This is a moment when every member of the Lasallian Family is invited to take part, even to play a leading role. Therefore, I personally urge each one of you, Brothers, Lasallian Partners, and members of the educational communities, to contribute to building a better world; a world that for many represents a utopian ideal out of reach, but for us represents a dream that can be realized.

I take this opportunity to thank all of you for what you do every day and for what you will keep doing to touch and move the hearts of the new generation, so that they will be agents of social transformation, the common good, and the Reign of God.

Br. Robert Schieler
Brother Superior