This 15 May, the date on which the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools commemorates the feast of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, who was proclaimed universal Patron Saint of the Teachers by Pope Pius XII 74 years ago, Brother Armin Luistro, Superior General of the Institute, shares with the whole Lasallian Family a video message full of joy and hope.

“What a great joy to celebrate with all of you the Institute Feast of St. John Baptist de La Salle, great mind, great soul, great educator who has transformed the world and continues to do so through us today”, said Brother Armin, noting that since he assumed the post of Superior General, almost two years ago, he has had the opportunity to visit half of the countries where the Lasallian work extends worldwide, sharing with Brothers, students, teachers, parents and many committed people “who continue to believe in the power of the Lasallian Mission in the world”.

The Leavening Project

Regarding The Leavening Project launched by the General Council so that “together we can collaborate and have a global impact on the Lasallian Mission”, Br Armin says that as he has visited the Districts and the different regions, he has witnessed the positive efforts being made: ” I see little achievements, one or two little initiatives, a step here, a new beginning somewhere (…) schools, communities of Brothers with our Lay Partners who have started their own little ways of influencing and changing our world”.

“These small steps may not be perceptible now but, like leaven, they continue to inspire so many others in their immediate circle so that we are able to continue the mission, that mission that De La Salle left with us as a legacy for the world today”, states Brother Superior General.

“One La Salle Global Fund”

Likewise, and in order for “these little changes that are happening” bring them closer to the peripheries and allow as to transform the realities of those who “have been nameless and voiceless in the past”, Brother Armin refers in his video message to the recent launch of the One La Salle Global Fund, a great opportunity for the little contributions of many Lasallians to “become a sustainable resource for the Lasallian Mission today and in the future”.

“We are not thinking of big structures or projects. We are thinking of those little droplets that will be a ripple in the ocean of the world’s problems. You and I can be part of this changing reality, the new face of the Institute, where “little” becomes important in the face of the many problems facing the world today,” declares Brother Superior General.

Plenary Assembly

In addition, Brother Armin also recalls that “we are excited as we prepare for our Plenary Assembly“, which will take place at the Generalate in Rome from 7 to 14 July, with the participation of the Visitors, the members of the Councils, the Chairs of the Commissions, the Directors of the Offices of the Institute, as well as other Lasallians, with the aim of seeking ” a new way of responding, discussing and discerning as a Lasallian community and participating in that synodal journey where all are invited, where each voice is important to be heard“.

Proximity and solidarity

Finally, Brother Superior General expresses a word of proximity and solidarity with the victims of the floods in the south of Brazil, with those facing war in the Holy Land, with the suffering people of Haiti, and with so many other regions of the Lasallian world “where every day we need to consider what should be our next steps.”.

With the eyes fixed on God, Brother Armin expresses his wish “that the crisis can become an opportunity where we can show that we are brothers and sisters in a world that the Lord has allowed us to change and transform over the course of history. Wherever those challenges are, we are never left alone. The world, its future are in our hands. Choose life, make peace, work for justice”, he concludes, expressing to all a happy feast of the Founder.