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On November 11, the preparatory meeting of the 3rd. International Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission (AIMEL) to be held next year began at the Cristo Rey Spirituality Center (CECREI, São Leopoldo / RS). It ended on November 15 and aims to define the proposals for the construction of the future of the Lasallian educational mission that will lead the Lasallian Latin American region (RELAL) to the 3rd. AIMEL, which will take place from May 4 to 15, 2020 in Rome.

More than 40 people, representing the nine RELAL Districts, participated in this preparatory meeting for AIMEL. For Brazil-Chile District of La Salle, Brother Visitor, Olavo José Dalvit, Mission Director, Brother Jorge Alexandre Bieluczyk and representatives of Basic Education in Brazil and Chile, Maria Elisa Schuk from Medeiros and Santiago Amurrio Silva, participated respectively.

The theme chosen for this meeting is the same one that will be dealt with in the next AIMEL: identity, vitality, transformation. The message sent by the Brother Superior of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, Robert Schieler, indicates that the theme identifies three fundamental questions for the history of the Lasallian Association:

Mutually mature in our Lasallian vocations, lead lives and transform lives, permanent vitality of the Lasallian mission” explained Brother Robert.

For each RELAL District, three projects were requested and were realized in the Lasallian units and illustrating, by activities, the three words of the theme of the event. With all the Districts assembled, one project per category will be voted in order to take them as a contribution to Rome. For the Lasallian Brazil-Chile District, the following projects participate in the vote: The Solidarity Dining Room (Identity), EduEmprén Brazil (Vitality) and Solidarity (Transformation).

Accordingly, the secretary of the educational mission of the Institute, Brother Néstor Anaya, stressed the work of the Lasallian mission in Brazil with a look from outside the country:

Brazil has a very strong mission where the collaborators actively participate with the Brothers. There is an understanding, a professional vision of our mission, a balance between economic sustainability and sustainability among the population. I believe that Brazil has the necessary elements to continue to grow and to exercise with excellence the Lasallian educational mission, he concluded.

Brother Carlos Castañeda, Regional Secretary of the Mission, commented on the future projections of the Lasallian Educational Mission, although the context of Christian education is different in each region:

We are looking for scenarios that will give us more importance as Catholic schools of animation to further contribute to building a more fraternal society“, he explained.

Throughout the days, the meeting discussed other mission-related issues that will be deal in the context of AIMEL 2020.

Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission 2020